Support Policy

We are extremely happy that you have or are considering NexGenAccess as your Internet provider. We feel NexGenAccess provides Ohioís best Internet access and an array of support services to help you enjoy your online experience.

Because of the overwhelming list of software packages available for the Internet today , it is impossible for our Tech. Support Dept. to master every commercial or shareware program that becomes available. We do strive however to gain an in-depth understanding of the more popular software packages and at least a general understanding of most other Internet software.

As much as we would like to spend extended periods of time on the phone with all the new and current members that need support, we do have limited resources. Our technical support people will gladly help you with questions about setup and troubleshooting your computers Internet connection. Unfortunately we cannot answer all technical support for all your applications and OS or if you have hardware or modem problem.If you need this type of support, we will be happy to accommodate this request for an additional service fee.Many providers charge an initial setup fee regardless of your technical support needs, but we choose this policy in lieu of this type of charge.

Please whatever you do, READ THE DOCUMENTATION FIRST.
You would be surprised how many times you can find the answers in the program help files or documentation.

We do not at this time offer 24 x 7 technical support. We will clearly post our hours of operation on our homepage, We cannot guarantee support or provide technical support for hardware/software not installed/configured by NexGenAccess Inc. Customers with a past due balance or non-customers will not receive any support regardless.