Payment Policy:

NexGenAccess would like to take this chance to familiarize you with our policies and procedures. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have so that we may clarify them for you.

Length of contract:
Barring any existing service contracts, your Internet access runs a minimum of one month (30 days) from the 1st of the following month; your first month will be prorated to bring your anniversary date to the first of the month. After this prorated charge, your account will be billed the normal access rate for subsequent months. All accounts are to be paid a month in advance. If you elect the three-month, six month or yearly payment option, please keep in mind that no refunds are given and that you are obligated for that time frame.

E-Mail and other services:
The majority of our accounts come with an E-mail account at no extra charge. NexGenAccess does not charge for E-mail or other services unless specified. If you are not using or not able to use your E-mail or other services that NexGenAccess offers, it will have no effect on your monthly charge. All NexGenAccess customers are required to use their email as this is the way we will communicate with you. If you are having difficulty accessing your E-mail or other services please contact NexGenAccess technical support. Non-usage of any part of your account does not entitle you to a discount, therefore it is to your advantage to use all of the services offered.

Name and Password changes:
We will gladly change your login and/or password for the minimum charge.

In order to activate or reactivate an account, we must receive payment in advance before turning on the account unless other arrangements are made upon sign-up. If payment is not received within two weeks of billing date , your account will be terminated and subject to a $25 reactivation charge. If your account becomes past due, you will be subject to late fees. A minimum of $10.00 per unpaid invoice will be charged to your account.

Discontinuation of Service:
If at some point you no longer want to use your NexGenAccess account, you must notify us in order not to be charged. Whether or not you use your account is up to you. Please do not assume that we terminate your account for non-use. It is your responsibility to notify us that you no longer want your account.

Cancellation Policy:

1.      Credit Card - NexGenAccess will bill at the beginning of each month for your account. Billing will continue every month without exception until the subscriber cancels his/her account.

3.      Check/Money Order - All cancellations must be received by using our online cancellation, prior to the end of the billing cycle. Refunds will not be given once payment has been received. Customers will be retained online until there pay period ends, absolutely no refunds will be given.

4.      You need to use our On-Line form for cancels at

NexGenAccess does exercise the right to terminate an account without attempting to contact you first if the policies we have set are not followed.

E-mail Spamming:

Sending of unsolicited E-mail will not be tolerated. If we discover that you have been Spamming you will be subjected to a $0.04/E-mail charge, plus a $150 penalty charge. If this service is needed, please contact us so that arrangements can be made. For more info, read our Terms & Policies.

It is your responsibility to call our billing department if you have updated information (i.e. new expiration date or new credit card). There will be a $10 charge if we must contact you for this information.


NexGenAccess shall be entitled to assign this Agreement either in whole or in part.

The User undertakes that he/she will not assign, re-sell, sub-lease or in any other way transfer his/her rights or obligations under this Agreement.

NexGenAccess is in no way responsible for any telephone company charges that a user may incur.

NexGenAccess may from time to time publish additions and/or correction to this policy. By accessing the Internet through NexGenAccess, the user understands and agrees to all conditions herein.